Event 1: Lublin, Poland

The ties that bind

Sposoby pamiętania

Finger knitting on a bigger scale! Madeleine unites all of us by doing some arm knitting with wool. . . .

We share the film of Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 in Huddersfield ...

Storytelling with objects ...

A coffee pot from Bosnia

“We didn’t have to learn to live together, we just did”

An apple from Iraq

“After the explosion, there was the scent of apples and cucumbers in the air”

A brown egg from Germany

“On the day of liberation, a small girl gave me a brown egg. It was Easter Sunday”

Questions ....

How do you involve school children and cultural groups?

How do you get people with different histories to come together?

Answers ....

It’s the individual stories and offering creative ways of telling them that first interests schools and groups. Relationships and trust are built up over a long period of time.

Showing genuine interest in people’s culture and history and offering to share it more widely wins their hearts and minds. Groups find common ground in remembering genocide. The human pain and loss is the same. The ideology of “them” and “us” is the same. The deep need for acceptance and a new, safe start is the same.