6 million+ Charitable Trust

6 million+ Charitable Trust offers a programme of education, creative arts and live events exploring the connection between the Holocaust and the experience of persecuted minorities in the world today, especially those who seek sanctuary in our communities.

In 2006, an installation of over 6 million buttons was created to illustrate the scale of the Holocaust. The plus sign refers to those who were not counted and to victims of genocides since WW2. The button as a symbol of one unique individual amongst millions continues to be a powerful symbol in our work.

Racism, prejudice and extremism still exist in our world and acts of genocide and persecution continue with survivors seeking sanctuary in the UK.

The Trust believes creative arts can help people speak out against the rise of extremism and ignite a flame of confidence and passion in people to stand up and make a difference to the lives of others.

our project partners...



Our partner in Reggio Emilia, Italy was the Istituto per la storia della Resistenza e della società contemporanea ...



Our partner in Lublin, Poland, was Stowarzyszenie Studnia Pamięci, The Well of Memory Association ...



Our partner in Subotica, Serbia was LDA Subotica and our associate partner was ERC ...