LDA Subotica
and ECR

Our partner in Subotica, Serbia was LDA Subotica and associate partner ECR.

The Local Democracy Agency, Subotica, was established in 1993 at the initiative of the Council of Europe to facilitate inter-ethnic dialogue and tolerance in multicultural local communities and promote EU standards of good local governance.

It has been engaged in capacity building for democratic governance at local level and promoting human and minority rights and intercultural dialogue. Activities take place both at local, national and international level.

LDA Subotica’s main tasks include: development of local democracy, citizen participation, promotion of EU integration at local level, regional cooperation, respect for human and minority rights and intercultural dialogue and understanding.

ECR, the Roma Educational Centre in Subotica, is a non governmental organisation that strives to empower Roma communities to access and protect their rights, combat discrimination and participate in society on an equal basis. The mission of ECR is to include the Roma population in local decision making and action in the Republic of Serbia, building the capacity of Roma, improving their living conditions and integrating them in social processes.

ECR has been implementing projects regarding education, culture and representation of Roma rights.

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